Basiclee hails from Northern California's Bay Area from a city where not many Deep Dubstep producers make their start - Salinas, Ca.   

Beginning his production in the world of backpack hip hop back in 2007, he shifted his production focus into the deep scene of 140 bass music around 2012. His first track 'Voyage Dub' on Version Collection via Certified Organic 2 (VCC002). 

He soon followed up with his debut EP 'Forced Out' which was also released on Version Collective in March, 2017. 


Netherlands resident Cubiqle specializes in the art of crafting various genres of bass music, starting out developing his ability in sound design by creating House, Deep House, Trap and Future Bass, he eventually ventured into Dubstep.   

His goal of giving listeners a clean-cut sensory experience using punchy but minimalistic sounds, atmospheres and effects is helping him to quickly make a name for himself in the community which has us anxious to see what he has in store for the future.

Dalek One

Dalek One is the musical persona of Tanner Pennington. Standing at an imposing 6’8” (203cm), the Colorado native is as talented as he is tall. A charismatic DJ and cutting-edge producer, Dalek One rises from Denver’s rich dubstep scene into the international spotlight by way of his imaginative original productions and unique knack for playing them out.   

Dalek One isn’t afraid to break genre boundaries: his talents extend beyond the boundaries of 140 to styles such as hip-hop and halftime drum and bass.  

Drew's Theory

Andrew Ryan Jr., Founder and CEO of Version Collective started his career under the alias of Drew's Theory, an underground music producer and DJ that focuses on deep, raw, and unique bass-driven sounds.  

Starting his journey in 2014, he initially began making a name for himself by focusing on creating music that blends traditional Dubstep styles with Trip Hop, Hip Hop, and Reggae.  

Frequency Dreams

Starting his career in music playing in a Rock/Metal band, Frequency Dreams made it a mission to create music that was unique and passionate.  He made it a goal to bring the world music that was aggressive but deep, music that he felt there could never be enough of.  

After 7 total years of music production and fine tuning his style in Dubstep, he joined the Version Collective team to help his music reach the world and keep older styles in the Dubstep community alive any way he can.


Bassweight Juggernaut and 2nd-in-Command to Version Collective, Hebbe is the most-promising up-and-comer in the Dutch dubstep scene without any doubt. 

From A&R to Mixing & Mastering, Hebbe leads from the front in the VC unit while simultaneously advancing his own music career with forthcoming releases on DUPLOC and Artikal Music UK.

He will truly be one to make his own mark on the genre in the near future. 


Denver based deep man Jang is making a name for himself with the extraordinary bassweight in each of his songs. 


He has brought the world a collection of well crafted Dubstep, Riddim and Hip Hop dedicated to the peak hour madness of any sound system event.  It's safe to say Jang doesn’t take anyone for an easy ride with his hard hitting basslines, pitch bent subs and hefty mid basses that can only be described by comparing it with Stranger Things… Absolute chaos.  


The up and comer from the Netherlands, Melle, is only on his second release to date, and already he's dominating the charts like a absolute pro.


His talents as a producer cannot be overrated. With every production pushing the boundaries by sounding fresh and innovative. His debut single on Version Collective still holds the title as one of the labels most acclaimed releases. Contributing greatly to the labels reputation in the Dubstep community. 


Mr.K has a long-standing history within the realms of underground bass music from spinning records and breathing music production from an early age.  

Taking the scene by storm, his discography made up of solid releases on many well known labels, including Version Collective, is already a more than decent addition the contemporary Dubstep scene - promising a bright future ahead.  


Ramsez is a Producer from Germany living in the Netherlands. 

His style is deep, shaky and energetic. His productions create a dark atmosphere, hypnotic rhythms and deep wobbles that keep the body moving.

After a few gigs in Germany and the Netherlands he started focusing more on music production and joined Version Collective in August 2016. With his first release dropping in January 2017 on Version Collective, he is now more motivated than ever and ready to put in work to keep fulfilling his passion.


Sweepa has been one of Version Collective's signature artists from the start.  

Representing from the Netherlands, his music is designed to give a dance floor experience that imprints itself into the memories of anyone who has the opportunity to experience it. Leaving the listener always wanting more. 


Born in Kent, UK, Trashbat's experience in creating adept bass music cannot be overstated.


Trashbat has become a iconic figure in the Dubstep community. Known and supported internationally for his creative and energetic performances which perfectly match his productions. His diverse catalog lays bare a keen understanding of the foundation of bass music, whether it’s Dubstep, Drum and Bass or Hip-Hop-inclined.