Kwizma - Carbon EP (VCEP017)

 Aggression and Darkness returns for 2018 with Kwizma's debut release on Version Collective.

Quickly making a name for himself in the Dubstep community, Kwizma sets himself apart by pushing the envelope on how far he can take the deep. dark and dangerous sound into new realms.

With his sound design abilities shining in his aggressive midbass work and his captivating atmospheres, recruiting his for the VC brand was a no brainer and we look forward to pushing more of his sounds in the future!

Releases February 27, 2018

Album: Carbon EP
Catalog: VCEP017
Artist: Kwizma
Release Date: February 27th, 2018
Format: Digital

Mastered by Hebbe @ Version Collective



 1. Kwizma - Altum

2. Kwizma - Coin Toss

3. Kwizma - Story

4. Kwizma - Carbon

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