Music Mastering

Version Collective offers Digital and Vinyl Mastering with a consistant 24 hour turn around time at an insanely affordable price!

We guarantee 100% satisfaction!

Music Mixing

Our artists are professionals when it comes to music production, constant support from their fans makes this a fact.

If you have trouble getting the mix of your song the way you want, many of our artists are willing to step in and help you!

Artwork & Media

MMP Studios by Version Collective is our in-house Artwork & Media department.

We offer ground up solutions for anyone looking to establish a unique, clean and professional look to there Alias, Label or Brand.

Video Editing

We also handle Video editing through MMP Studios by Version Collective.

Whether you're a YouTuber' or are looking to just have live recordings of video tweaked and/or edited, we have you covered!

Music Distribution

If you are a new label or an artist, having your music distributed to iTunes, Spotify, Juno and other digital music retailers can be difficult and/or time consuming.

The Version Collective team can take care of all of this for you, we even take it a step further by entering your release data profile accurately on Discogs, Beatport and any other discography website.

Label & Artist Consultation

Have trouble getting discovered as an artist or getting your music label off the ground?

The Version Collective team can do more than help! 

We are ready and willing to walk you through everything you can do to get the results you're looking for!


Services Pricing

Digital Mastering - $15
Vinyl Mastering - $20
Stem Mixing by Hebbe - $40
Stem Mixing by MWM Studios - Negotiable 

Pricing for all other services are negotiated on a case by case basis.